Dan has over fifteen years of experience in music and sound and now works freelance as a sound designer and composer.

From bass player and backing singer in a local alternative rock band in the late 1990s, Dan went on to front the Hitchin ska-core septet, Weightloss.  The band toured and released music DIY for almost a decade, releasing the album Our Thoughts Are Just Noise in 2007 after signing with London-based Spiky Black Cat.

Our Thoughts Are Just Noise

For most of the 2000s, Dan hustled as a local live sound engineer, and as a general stage and stall hand around the southern festival circuit, including Rhythms of The world, Glastonbury, Hyde Park, V-Fest and Silverstone F1.  By way of supplementing a career as a musician, Dan engaged in several temporary assignments over the years, working in customer service and technical support.

By the time Weightloss disbanded in 2010, Dan had been working on releasing his own music online while collaborating with the Rogue Collective in Hitchin.  The collective brought together local visual artists, photographers and musicians who would produce music and throw regular parties at Hitchin’s Club 85 music venue.

The Rogue Collective brought in bands and artists from around the country to play theirrogue-heroes themed cosplay events.  Dan would contribute theatrical sound design elements to support the various themed nights, such as Halloween, The Future is Broken, Rogue’s Victorian Ball, and the Rogue Masquerave. Dan co-produced a podcast to promote Rogue nights, incorporating sound design elements in keeping with the theme of each event while showcasing interviews and local music.

By 2012 Dan would co-present a promotional radio show ahead of each coming event with cohorts Matt Turner and Matt Sanchez, showcasing acts, with guests and recorded interviews on YOR radio, a local youth-led digital radio station.  Each radio show would be subsequently released as a podcast. Dan also produced a promotional podcast in 2013 for a weekly live comedy event at Stevenage’s Cinnabar, in association with local comedian Mr Matt Smith.

Alongside working on a new hard rock collaboration known as Midnight Whisky Massacre in 2013, Dan was becoming ever more interested in sound design since his foray during his radio and podcast days. After relocating later that year, Dan continued to work in local live sound and the wider festival circuit for another 2 years, after which he began studying for a B.Sc. (Hons) in sound design at Staffordshire University.

Prior to graduation, Dan exhibited his work on the short horror film Slake at Grad Ex 2018 where he received an award for the music and sound design.

Grad Ex 2018 Award Ceremony

Upon graduation, Dan secured an exciting opportunity to work with the Shooting Fish Theatre Company, creating sound effects and music for the production of the play “10:01: The Minute They Came.”  Dan is now actively seeking further opportunities in sound design, including theatre, film, and game audio.